Custom Packaging and Printing

Ever Best Customized Boxes Wholesale in Affordable Rates

If we go to market and we read a line written on the shop ” buy one get one free“. How do you feel? Or if we go to hotel and they offer numbers of dishes in very less amount. What will be your feelings? Excited? Happy? Want to avail chance? Go for shopping and going for dinner to hotel? Right? It is human nature, we love discounts and we love things that are affordable. Since our childhood we have been listening a proverb”cut your coat according to your cloth.” Are you busy in making your coat according to your cloth? Then leave it! Yes leave it. Why? Because icustomboxes does not talk about affordability. We talk about reliability. Reliability? Yes! Icustomboxes provides you with reliable services in low budget. Low budget? How? Really? Every one can avail this offer? Yes! Yes! Yes! A big yes with a big welcome by icustomboxes. Our customers needs are very important for us. We care for you and we consider your budget while designing your customized boxes for your business. We do not ask you to cut your coat according to your cloth. We care and we help you to get things in a reasonable price. We known every one wants something different but in a reasonable cost. We do not ask you to settle with ready made boxes. We proffer wide range of custom boxes that you can design and print in the way you want. Be different! Be special!  Just by ordering customized boxes wholesale. Buying packaging boxes for your product at wholesale rate means cutting production cost and earning good profit. Good profit? Cutting production cost? How? Well! Now you need not to hire designer for your packaging boxes. Get rid of this headache now. Come out in market place in new style and new trend. Leave old traditions and apply new look on your product with our customized boxes wholesale.

Various types of custom boxes

In this age of competition, every one want to reach the peak of success. Alluring and strong packaging is adopted by different industries to make their products more presentable and favorable.

Icustomboxes is packaging industry that provide you with best packaging solution and it has really helped the businesses to come up with a new idea of packaging to get an edge in the market for their brands. You are provided with lots of choices for manufacturers and marketers to distinguish their products from the competitors and add more value to the products. A wide range of custom boxes are available in different material such as paper board boxes, plastic boxes, rigid boxes, cardboard boxes and custom boxes.

Paper board boxes

Paper board boxes are made up of paper material. These boxes are best packaging solution. These boxes are best in keeping product fresh. These boxes come in various shape, size and looks. They are best but they are less reliable and it can not resist intense heat and moist. These boxes are light in weight and very handy. These boxes are cheap.

Plastic boxes

These boxes are best showcase packaging. These boxes are best in storing your product. There is great demand of plastic boxes because of their durability. If you want to reduce contamination and want to avoid high temperatures then you need to give plastic packaging solution to your product. These boxes are light in weight and easy to handle. They are cost effective, these boxes are cheap. These boxes can easily recycle and reuse in different ways.

Cardboard boxes

What you want? What are you looking for? Reliable, solidly built and durable boxes? Well! Then you need to replace your product packaging with cardboard boxes. Now you can deliver your product to your customers even by shipping without any fear of damage because icustomboxes proffers wide range of customized boxes wholesale. These boxes are available in low in cost and these boxes are durable and strong. Now you are free to carry huge weight to one place to other as these boxes are perfect for the transportation of goods without any risk of damage from one place to another. These boxes are used in cosmetic industry, food packaging, shipping boxes etc.

Rigid boxes

Rigid boxes are very handy they are hard and due to their hard material they keep product safe and secure. Icustomboxes provide you with full freedom of customization. You can customize your boxes with your logo, brand name and brand details. We help the companies to personalize their packaging boxes in different style and printing.

Icustomboxes proffers wide range of boxes such as cosmetic boxes, gift boxes, food boxes, cigarette boxes and retail boxes. These boxes are design at wholesale rate ranging in different style, size, colors, shapes and looks. These boxes are designed in beautiful colors. These boxes are cool and attractive. Now stand out in market with an extra ordinary look and entice buyers towards to your product. Cast a spell on shoppers heart by your effective, operative, beautiful, alluring, cool and amazing packaging. Add beauty with your name on your boxes and never let buyers go any further. Make buyers addict of your product. Icustomboxes does not limit you in fix boxes style, these boxes are best and amazing packaging solution. This is time to engage your customers towards your custom boxes. Innovate your business with new packaging boxes and eran good business profit and forget about loss. These customized boxes distinguish your products from the competitors and add more value to the products. Our boxes are more durable than any other box and this is the reason for high usage of these boxes. Icustomboxes helps you in the improvement of the packaging of your product. We have removed the limitations that were available in the old packaging that often resulted in loss and damaged of the items but now you are free to keep the quality of your product secure and safe in icustomboxes custom boxes wholesale.